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Section: Classification and arrangement; effect on construction

Statute: 46:3A-5

A certificate, executed by the owners of adjoining lands, certifying that any line, corners and boundaries are allowed and acknowledged by them to be the true boundary between their lands, shall be as fully conclusive and binding as to the parties thereto, their heirs, successors and assigns as though such boundary had been fixed by them by deed or otherwise, and any such certificate, when duly acknowledged or proved, may be recorded in the office of the county clerk or register of deeds and mortgages, as the case may be, of the county in which such lands lie, and, when so recorded, the record thereof shall be receivable in evidence and shall be notice in the same manner and to the same effect as though their respective deeds had been so acknowledged or proved and recorded. L.1951, First Sp.Sess., c. 352, p. 1466, s. 5.

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