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Section: Corporations, associations or societies; effect of repealer on existence, etc., thereof

Statute: 46:16-18

4. a. If a notice of federal lien, a refiling of a notice of federal lien, or a notice of revocation of any certificate is presented to the county recording officer, he shall endorse thereon his identification and the date and time of receipt and forthwith file it alphabetically or enter it in an alphabetical index showing the name and address of the person named in the notice, the date and time of receipt, the title and address of the official or entity certifying the lien, and the total amount appearing on the notice of lien. b. If a refiled notice of federal lien referred to in subsection a. of this section or any certificate of release, nonattachment, discharge or subordination is presented for filing to the county recording officer, he shall permanently attach the refiled notice of the certificate to the original notice of lien and enter the refiled notice or the certificate with the date of filing in any alphabetical lien index on the line where the original notice of lien is entered. c. All notices received by a filing officer pursuant to this section and the index of the notices shall be held for public inspection by the filing officer. Upon request, the filing officer shall furnish a copy of any notice of federal lien, or notice or certificate affecting a federal lien, for a fee of up to $0.10 per letter size page or smaller, and up to $0.15 per legal size page or larger. L.1997, c.412, s.4; amended 2010, c.75, s.4.

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