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Section: Partial unconstitutionality

Statute: 46:16-10

Whenever real estate or other property lies partly in one county and partly in one or more other counties, and a deed or instrument of the nature or description set forth in section 46:16-1 of this title shall have been recorded in one of such counties, a certified copy of the record of such deed or instrument over the hand and official seal of the county recording officer of the county where the same is recorded, together with the certificate of the officer making the certified copy, may be recorded in any or all of the other such counties; and the record of such certified copy shall be made in the same manner and shall be as valid and effectual in law for all purposes of notice as if the original deed was then and there recorded. This section shall be subject to the provisions of section 46:16-7 and section 46:16-8 of this title.

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