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Section: Failure to include affirmative action program; nullity of contract; violations; fine

Statute: 45:5A-35

15. a. A licensee shall be responsible for any unlawful or unprofessional conduct by an employee, except that the conduct shall not be a cause for suspension or revocation of a license, unless the board determines that the licensee had knowledge thereof, or there is shown to have existed a pattern of unlawful or unprofessional conduct. b. Within 30 days of employing a person in connection with an alarm business or as a locksmith, a licensee shall notify the board and shall provide the board with the employee's photograph, in passport size, fingerprints of the employee's two hands taken on standard fingerprint cards by a State or municipal law enforcement agency, a list of all criminal offenses, supplied by the employee, of which the employee has been convicted, setting forth the date and place of each conviction, and the name under which the employee was convicted, if other than that given in the written notification to the board and, if the work of the employee is not to be directly supervised, evidence of practical experience and professional competence in accordance with the requirements of subsection b. of section 14 of this act. c. If a licensee knowingly falsifies any information required by the board, the licensee shall be guilty of a crime of the fourth degree and shall have his license revoked. d. After confirming the information provided on an employee with the Division of State Police in the Department of Law and Public Safety and conducting other investigations as necessary, if the board determines that an employee is subject to the requirements of section 14 of this act and fails to satisfy those requirements, the board shall advise the licensee immediately of the employee's unfitness. The board is authorized to exchange fingerprint data with and receive criminal history record information from the Division of State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for use in making the determinations required by this act. The employer shall bear the cost for the criminal history record check pursuant to this section. Employees hired by an alarm business through a recognized trade union on a temporary basis not to exceed six months or one project, whichever is greater, are exempt from the requirements of this act. L.1997, c.305,s.15.

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