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Section: Revision or inclusion of referendum acts in Revised Statutes; effect

Statute: 45:3-17

4. a. Architectural services shall not be rendered or offered through any business associations other than a sole proprietorship of a licensed architect, a partnership of licensed architects, a partnership of closely allied professionals including at least one licensed architect, a professional service corporation established pursuant to the "Professional Service Corporation Act," P.L.1969, c.232 (C.14A:17-1 et seq.), a corporation authorized pursuant to section 5 of P.L.1989, c.275 (C.45:3-18) or as prescribed in the "Building Design Services Act," P.L.1989, c.277 (C.45:4B-1 et seq.). b. Nothing in this section shall prohibit a licensed architect from rendering architectural services as an agent, director, member, officer, shareholder, associate, employee or partner of a person whose principal business is space planning services, interior design services or the substantial equivalent thereof; provided that the architect, at all times, exercises independent professional judgment in the rendering of architectural services, and adheres to the standards set forth in section 1 of P.L. 1989, c. 275 (C.45:3-1.1). L.1989,c.275,s.4; amended 1997, c.403, s.2.

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