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Section: Findings, declarations relative to enforcement of environmental laws

Statute: 44:1-125

A sentence or fine imposed under the provisions of section 44:1-124 of this title may be suspended before or after conviction upon condition that the offender will convey the poor person to the place where he has a settlement or where he became poor without this state and from which he was sent, brought, removed or enticed, or that the offender will at his own expense support the poor person, which removal or support by the offender shall be secured by a bond to the overseer, superintendent or county welfare board as the case may be with sufficient surety satisfactory to the court conditioned upon the making of the removal as provided in this section or the making by the offender with the overseer, superintendent or director of welfare of the county welfare board as the case may be, of proper provisions for the relief and support of the poor person.

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