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Section: Separate items in fire district budget

Statute: 40A:14-78.8

The fire district budget shall provide for separate items for: a. Surplus, which shall not exceed the amount of surplus held in cash or quick assets at the beginning of the budget year; b. Miscellaneous revenues, which shall be such amounts as may reasonably be expected to be realized in cash during the budget year from known and regular sources, or from sources reasonably capable of anticipating, including amounts expected to be received from municipalities appropriating money for fire district purposes, but not including revenues from taxes to be levied to support the district budget; and, c. Amount to be raised by taxation to support the district budget, which shall be the amount to be certified to the assessor of the municipality to be assessed against the taxable property in the district pursuant to N.J.S. 40A:14-79. Such amount shall be equal to the amount of the total appropriations set forth in the budget minus the total amount of surplus and miscellaneous revenues set forth in the budget. L.1979, c. 453, s. 12.

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