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Section: Temporary budget

Statute: 40A:14-78.17

A fire district may and, if any contracts, commitments or payments are to be made prior to the adoption of the budget, shall, by resolution adopted prior to January 15, adopt a temporary budget to make appropriations to provide for the period between the beginning of the fiscal year and the adoption of the budget. The total of the appropriations so made shall not exceed 14% of the total of the appropriations made for all purposes in the budget for the preceding fiscal year, excluding, in both instances, appropriations made for interest and debt redemption charges and capital improvements. Nothing herein contained shall prevent or relieve the fire district from making appropriations for all interest and debt redemption charges maturing during the fiscal year, at any time prior to the date of the adoption of the budget. L. 1985, c. 288, s. 13, eff. Aug. 14, 1985.

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