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Section: Criteria for placing juvenile in detention.

Statute: 40A:14-34

40A:14-34. The governing body of any municipality may raise and appropriate funds to be granted to the boards of fire commissioners of any fire district or volunteer fire companies located therein, up to a total appropriation of $90,000.00 annually. In any municipality in which there are more than three such boards or companies, or both, the governing body may raise and appropriate an additional $30,000.00 annually for each such additional board or company. Any such board or company shall use not less than 50% of the funds received pursuant to this section for the purchase of fire equipment, materials and supplies. All funds appropriated under this section shall be accounted for to the governing body annually. Any municipality may appropriate such additional sums as it may deem necessary for the purchase of fire equipment, supplies and materials for use by fire companies or boards, the title to which shall remain with the municipality, provided that the funds shall be controlled and disbursed by the municipality. In the case of a joint purchase made by the governing bodies of two or more municipalities pursuant to the provisions of the "Consolidated Municipal Service Act," P.L. 1952, c. 72 (C. 40:48B-1 et seq.), the title to the purchase shall be held by the joint meeting formed by the contracting governing bodies. L.1971, c.197, s.1; amended 1972,c.136,s.1; 1979,c.151; 1985, c.19,s.1; 1989,c.41,s.1.

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