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Section: Statutes which became effective before September 15, 1948 relating to courts or officers existing prior thereto; effect to be given to

Statute: 40A:14-22

40A:14-22. Any member or officer of a paid or part-paid fire department or force in a municipality wherein Title 11A of the New Jersey Statutes is not in operation, who has been tried and convicted upon any charge or charges may obtain a review thereof by the Superior Court; provided, however, a firefighter who is qualified under the provisions of section 10 of P.L.2009, c.16 (C.40A:14-209) may appeal removal from his office, employment or position for a complaint or charges, other than a complaint or charges relating to a criminal offense, by submitting an appeal to arbitration pursuant to section 10 of P.L.2009, c.16 (C.40A:14-209) in lieu of serving a written notice seeking a review of that removal by the court. Such review shall be obtained by serving a written notice of an application therefor upon the officer or board whose action is to be reviewed within 10 days after written notice to the member or officer of the conviction. The officer or board shall transmit to the court a copy of the record of such conviction, and of the charge or charges for which the applicant was tried. The court shall hear the cause de novo on the record below and may either affirm, reverse or modify such conviction. If the applicant shall have been removed from his office, employment or position the court may direct that he be restored to such office, employment or position and to all his rights pertaining thereto, and may make such other order or judgment as said court shall deem proper. Either party may supplement the record with additional testimony subject to the rules of evidence. Amended 1981, c.75, s.5; 2009, c.16, s.15.

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