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Section: Corporations, associations or societies included in Revised Statutes

Statute: 40A:12-19

19. When the governing body of a county or municipality shall determine by resolution that all or any part of a tract of land improved or unimproved is no longer needed for public purposes, the governing body may authorize the conveyance of such lands or any portion thereof to the State when so requested or approved by resolution of the State Board of Education or any board of trustees or board of governors, as appropriate, of a public institution of higher education or to any board of education in the county or municipality or to a regional board of education of a regional school district or to a consolidated board of education of a consolidated school district or the board of education of any county vocational school, requesting or approving such conveyance by resolution, for a nominal consideration, to be used by the State for educational purposes, connected with the district board of education or the regional board of education or the consolidated board of education or the board of education of any county vocational school, and may cause the same to be duly conveyed by its proper officers accordingly. A prior dedication or use for park purposes of such land or any part thereof shall not be deemed to preclude a transfer and conveyance thereof under the provisions of this section. L.1971,c.199,s.19; amended 1994,c.48,s.297.

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