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Section: By whom taxed; clerk to sign bill of costs

Statute: 40:66A-64

The governing body of any local unit which has created a solid waste management authority or the governing bodies of any two or more local units which have joined in the formation of such an authority, by ordinance, or parallel ordinances, as the case may be, may dissolve such authority upon the condition that a. the members of the authority have not been appointed, the authority, by resolution duly adopted consents to such dissolution or the governing body desires to join in the creation of another authority under this or another law and b. the solid waste management authority has no debts or obligations outstanding or all creditors or obligees of the authority have consented to its dissolution. A copy of the dissolution ordinance or ordinances, certified by the appropriate municipal official, shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State. Upon proof of such filing the authority shall be dissolved. L.1975, c. 216, s. 2, eff. Oct. 7, 1975.

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