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Section: Payments to county by private companies; lien of unpaid amount; priority

Statute: 40:66A-31.13

Each private solid waste or incinerator company or industry which shall have entered into a contract with a county pursuant to this act, shall pay at such times as shall be provided in such contract to the contracting county, the sum of money certified to it by such county pursuant to this act, on or before the date provided for such payment in such contract. Any such sum of money so certified by a county shall be a lien in favor of such county on and against the property of such private solid waste or incinerator company or industry. If such sum of money or any part thereof is not paid to the contracting county on or before such contract payment date such county shall make and record, in the same manner as conveyances of interest in real property are recorded, a certificate setting forth the facts and giving notice of the existence and amount of such lien remaining unsatisfied. So far as permitted by law, such lien shall have priority over all other liens theretofore or thereafter attaching except those of Federal, State and local taxes. L.1970, c. 242, s. 13, eff. Oct. 28, 1970.

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