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Section: Effect of definitions on treaties, compacts, or agreements

Statute: 40:66A-3

As used in this act, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context: (1) "Municipality" shall mean any city of any class, any borough, village, town, township, or any other municipality other than a county or a school district; (2) "Governing body" shall mean the commission, council, board or body, by whatever name it may be known, having charge of the finances of the municipality; (3) "Person" shall mean any person, association, corporation, nation, State or any agency or subdivision thereof, municipality of the State or an incinerator authority; (4) "Incinerator authority" shall mean a public body created pursuant to section four of this act; (5) Subject to the exceptions provided in the section four of this act, "district" shall mean the area within the territorial boundaries of the municipality or municipalities which created or joined in the creation of an incinerator authority; (6) "Local unit" shall mean any municipality which created or joined in the creation of an incinerator authority; (7) "Garbage disposal system" shall mean the plants, structures and other real and personal property acquired, constructed or operated or to be acquired, constructed or operated by an incinerator authority, including incinerators or other plants for the treatment and disposal of garbage and refuse matter and all other real and personal and rights therein and appurtenances necessary or useful and convenient for the collection, treatment or disposal in a sanitary manner of garbage and refuse matter (but not including sewage). (8) "Cost" shall mean, in addition to the usual connotations thereof, the cost of acquisition or construction of all or any part of a garbage disposal system of all or any property, rights, easements and franchises deemed by the incinerator authority to be necessary or useful and convenient therefor, including reimbursements to the incinerator authority or any municipality or other person of any moneys theretofore expended for the purposes of the incinerator authority and including interest or discount on bonds to finance such cost, engineering and inspection costs and legal expenses, the cost of financial, professional and other advice, and the cost of issuance of any such bonds; (9) "Real property" shall mean lands both within and without the State, and improvements thereof or thereon, or any rights or interests therein; (10) "Construct" and "construction" shall connote and include acts of construction, reconstruction, replacement, extension, improvement and betterment of a garbage disposal system; (11) "Garbage or refuse matter" shall mean any refuse matter, trash or garbage from residences, hotels, apartments or any other public or private building but shall not include water-carried wastes, industrial waste or the kinds of wastes usually collected, carried away and disposed of by sewerage system. (12) "Ordinance" means a written act of the governing body of a municipality adopted and otherwise approved and published in the manner or mode of procedure prescribed for ordinances tending to obligate such municipality pecuniarily; and (13) "Resolution" means a written act of the governing body of a local unit adopted and otherwise approved in the manner or mode of procedure prescribed for resolutions tending to obligate such local unit pecuniarily. L.1948, c. 348, p. 1355, s. 3, eff. Sept. 1, 1948.

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