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Section: Dividend retention

Statute: 40:55D-142

6. a. Any municipality located in whole or in part in the pinelands area, as defined in the "Pinelands Protection Act," P.L.1979, c.111 (C.13:18A-1 et seq.), shall submit the proposed development transfer ordinance, development transfer and utility service plan elements of the master plan, real estate market analysis, and capital improvement program to the Pinelands Commission for review for those areas included in that proposed ordinance that are situated within the pinelands area. The Pinelands Commission shall determine whether the proposed ordinance is compatible with the provisions of the "Pinelands Development Credit Bank Act," P.L.1985, c.310 (C.13:18A-30 et seq.) and is otherwise consistent with the comprehensive management plan adopted by the Pinelands Commission pursuant to P.L.1979, c.111 (C.13:18A-1 et seq.). If the commission determines that the proposed development transfer ordinance is not compatible or consistent, the commission shall make such recommendations as may be necessary to conform the proposed ordinance with the comprehensive management plan. The municipality shall not adopt the proposed ordinance unless the changes recommended by the Pinelands Commission have been included in the ordinance. b. No development transfer ordinance that involves land in the pinelands area shall take effect unless it has been certified by the Pinelands Commission pursuant to the provisions of the "Pinelands Protection Act," P.L.1979, c.111 (C.13:18A-1 et seq.) and the comprehensive management plan. L.2004,c.2,s.6.

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