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Section: Offenses, liabilities, penalties and forfeitures committed or incurred under repealed acts not affected by such repeal

Statute: 39:5F-15

For the purpose of administering the provisions of this compact and to serve as a governing body for the resolution of all matters relating to the operation of this compact, a Board of Compact Administrators is established. The board shall be composed of one representative from each party jurisdiction, to be known as the compact administrator. The compact administrator shall be appointed by the chief executive of the jurisdiction and shall serve and be subject to removal in accordance with the laws of his jurisdiction. A compact administrator may provide for the discharge of his duties and the performance of his functions as a board member by an alternate. An alternate may not serve on the board unless written notification of his identity has been given to the board. L.1983, c. 46, s. 15, eff. Jan. 28, 1983.

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