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Section: General rules of construction

Statute: 39:5F-1

The party jurisdictions find that: a. In most instances, a motorist who is cited for a traffic violation in a jurisdiction other than his home jurisdiction: (1) Must post collateral or bond to secure appearance for trial at a later date; or (2) If unable to post collateral or bond, is taken into custody until the collateral or bond is posted; or (3) Is taken directly to court for his trial to be held. b. In some instances, the motorist's driver's license may be deposited as collateral to be returned after he has complied with the terms of the citation. c. The purpose of the practices described in subsections 1a. and b. above is to ensure compliance with the terms of a traffic citation by the motorist who, if permitted to continue on his way after receiving the traffic citation, could return to his home jurisdiction and disregard his duty under the terms of the traffic citation. d. A motorist receiving a traffic citation in his home jurisdiction is permitted, except for certain violations, to accept the citation from the officer at the scene of the violation and to immediately continue on his way after promising or being instructed to comply with the terms of the citation. e. The practice described in subsection a. above causes unnecessary inconvenience and, at times, a hardship for the motorist who is unable at the time to post collateral, furnish a bond, stand trial, or pay the fine, and thus is compelled to remain in custody until some arrangement can be made. f. The deposit of a driver's license as a bail bond, as described in subsection 1b. above, is viewed with disfavor. g. The practices described herein consume an undue amount of law enforcement time. L.1983, c. 46, s. 1, eff. Jan. 28, 1983.

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