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Section: Effect of definitions on treaties, compacts, or agreements

Statute: 34:21-3

3. The notification provided pursuant to subsection a. of section 2 of this act shall include: a. A statement of the number of employees whose employment will be terminated in connection with the mass layoff or transfer or termination of operations of the establishment, the date or dates on which the mass layoff or transfer or termination of operations and each termination of employment will occur; b. A statement of the reasons for the mass layoff or transfer or termination of operations; c. A statement of any employment available to employees at any other establishment operated by the employer, and information regarding the benefits, pay and other terms and conditions of that employment and the location of the other establishment; d. A statement of any employee rights with respect to wages, severance pay, benefits, pension or other terms of employment as they relate to the termination, including, but not limited to, any rights based on a collective bargaining agreement or other existing employer policy; e. A disclosure of the amount of the severance pay which is payable pursuant to the provisions of subsection b. of section 2 of this act; and f. A statement of the employees' right to receive from the response team, pursuant to subsection c. of section 2 and subsection a. of section 5 of this act, information, referral and counseling regarding: public programs which may make it possible to delay or prevent the transfer or termination of operations or mass layoff; public programs and benefits to assist the employees; and employee rights based on law. The notification shall be in writing and, after the commissioner has made a form for the notification available to employers, provided on that form. The commissioner shall make the form available to employers not more than 90 days following the effective date of this act. L.2007, c.212, s.3.

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