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Section: News media person or entity; freedom from searches and seizures of documentary materials; exceptions

Statute: 34:2-21.9

Upon request, it shall be the duty of the issuing officer to issue to any young person between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one years residing in his district and applying in person, who expresses a desire to enter employment, an age certificate upon presentation of the same proof of age as is required for the issuance of employment certificates under this act. A young person between the said ages nonresident of the State may apply to the issuing authority of any district where such person states he intends to seek employment. The age certificate shall state the color, name, sex, date and place of birth, residence, color of hair and eyes, height, and distinguishing facial marks, if any, and the kind of proof of age submitted. All copies thereof shall be signed in person by the applicant in the presence of the said issuing officer in whose name it is issued. Any employer before employing a minor may require him to produce an age certificate and sign his name for comparison with the signature on the certificate. If in his judgment the signature and characteristics of the child correspond with the signature and description in the certificate, the employer, on employing the child, may require and retain the certificate during the minor's employment and shall return it to the minor upon the termination of his employment. L.1940, c. 153, p. 338, s. 9.

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