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Section: Telecommuting, report to Legislature

Statute: 34:2-21.18

It shall be the duty of the Department of Labor and its inspectors and agents, acting under the Commissioner of Labor, to enforce the provisions of this act, to make complaints against persons violating its provisions, and to prosecute violations of the same. The Commissioner of Labor and any inspector or other authorized person acting under him, attendance officers and other persons employed by law to compel the attendance of children at school, and officers and agents of any duly incorporated society for the protection of children from cruelty and neglect, shall have authority to enter and inspect at any time any place or establishment covered by this act, and to have access to employment or age certificates or special permits kept on file by the employers and such other records as may aid in the enforcement of this act. L.1940, c. 153, p. 345, s. 18.

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