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Section: References to titles, subtitles, chapters, articles and sections

Statute: 32:33-7

7. The commission shall establish such committees as it deems necessary, including, but not limited to, the following: a. An executive committee which functions when the full commission is not meeting, as provided in the bylaws of the commission. The executive committee shall ensure that proper procedures are followed in implementing the commission's programs and in carrying out the activities of the compact. The executive committee shall be elected by vote of the commission. It shall be comprised of at least three and no more than nine commissioners, selected from those commissioners who are representatives of the governor of their respective states. b. A rules development committee appointed by the commission. The committee shall be consensus-based and consist of not less than seven nor more than 21 members. Committee members shall include state building regulatory officials; manufacturers of industrialized/modular buildings; private, third-party inspection agencies; and consumers. This committee may recommend procedures which state and local officials, and other parties, in one state, may utilize to assure state and local officials, and other parties, in other states, of the substantial compliance of industrialized/modular building construction with the construction standard requirements of those other states; to assess the adequacy of building systems; and to verify and assure the competency and performance of evaluation and inspection agencies. This committee may also recommend construction standards for the design, manufacture, handling, storage, delivery and installation of industrialized/modular buildings and building components. The committee shall submit its recommendations to the commission, for the commission's consideration in adopting and amending the uniform administrative procedures and the model rules and regulations for industrialized/modular buildings. The committee may also review the regulatory programs of the compacting states to determine whether those programs are consistent with the uniform administrative procedures or the model rules and regulations for industrialized/modular buildings and may make recommendations concerning the states' programs to the commission. In carrying out its functions, the rules committee may conduct public hearings and otherwise solicit public input and comment. c. Any other advisory, coordinating or technical committees, membership of which may include private persons, public officials, associations or organizations. These committees may consider any matter of concern to the commission. d. Any additional committees that the commission's bylaws may provide for. L.1991,c.457,s.7.

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