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Section: Statutes containing references to rules

Statute: 30:9A-26

5. The Commissioner of Human Services shall develop and publicize, in consultation with the council, a public awareness campaign on youth suicide prevention and intervention, the goals of which shall be to: a. increase voluntary reporting of youth suicides and attempts at suicide by professionals who are likely to know of suicides and attempts in the course of their employment; b. increase referrals by these professionals to therapeutic services available to youths who contemplate or attempt suicide; c. increase public awareness of the incidence and causes of youth suicide attempts and decrease the stigma currently associated with depression and suicide; and d. encourage the use by families of short-term and long-term public and private mental health services, as well as other services, to reduce the incidence of attempted and completed suicides by youths. L.2003,c.214,s.5.

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