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Section: Prima facie showing subpenaed materials obtained during professional activities; waiver of privilege or other grounds for disclosure; hearing

Statute: 30:4D-21.3

2. Amounts received as reparations or restitution for the loss of liberty or damage to health by the victims of National Socialist (Nazi) persecution; returns of tangible or intangible property seized, misappropriated, or lost as a result of National Socialist (Nazi) actions or policies and any cash values in replacement of such property; payments of insurance policies purchased by the victims of National Socialist (Nazi) persecution; and any accumulated or accrued interest on such amounts shall not be counted as income for the purpose of determining eligibility for the Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled program established pursuant to P.L.1975, c.194 (C.30:4D-20 et seq.). L.1998,c.113,s.2.

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