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Section: Partial unconstitutionality

Statute: 30:4D-10

Upon the opening of sealed bids submitted in accordance with sections 8. a. and 9, the commissioner shall review the same and make a report and recommendation for acceptance or rejection of a bid to the State Medicaid Commission which shall be convened to receive, consider and act upon the commissioner's recommendation. The State Medicaid Commission shall in reviewing the bids and the recommendations of the commissioner be guided by such considerations as: a. The amount of the bids. b. The ability of the underwriter and fiscal agent in carrying out the scope of medical assistance benefits with providers which ability the underwriter already has or is in a position to secure, whereby payments are made on behalf of subscribers or policyholders directly to various providers of medical services under cost reimbursement formulas or in accordance with fee schedules agreed upon in advance. c. The demonstrated effectiveness of control mechanisms to assure quality of care, appropriate utilization of service and claims cost control. L.1968, c. 413, s. 10.

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