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Section: Costs of project; inclusion of expenses furthering equal employment opportunities

Statute: 2A:56-37

The court may order partition through actual division, or, pursuant to section 2A:56-2 of this title, through sale of real estate, in any case where the share of a cotenant therein may be for a less estate than a fee, or may be limited over after an estate for life, or any estate therein, provided the particular tenant or tenants apply for or agree to the partition. Any person to whom the remainder, reversion or expectancy is limited over shall, whether or not he agrees to the partition, be bound thereby and shall thereafter be entitled only to the part of the real estate set off in severalty upon which his further right is limited or to an interest in a part of the proceeds of the sale, as the court may direct. L.1951 (1st SS), c.344.

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