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Section: Effect of enactment of Revised Statutes upon existing offices, etc., and the incumbents thereof

Statute: 2A:56-12

When real estate situate in this state, or an estate therein, devised upon a trust or subject to a limitation over by way of expectancy or otherwise, by a person residing in another state at his death, is sold in a partition proceeding, the superior court shall, upon application and notwithstanding the estate of the devisee, trustee as aforesaid, created or passed by the will is subject to a limitation over or is less than an estate in fee simple, direct the proceeds of sale to be paid to such devisee, being trustee as aforesaid, as by the provisions of the will, under the trust, is entitled to have and hold the real estate, and to be held, accounted for and disposed of by him in all respects as directed by the provisions of the will, and not otherwise. Nothing herein contained shall relieve the devisee, trustee as aforesaid, from the duty of giving security, in the state of which the testator was a resident at his death, for the faithful execution of such trust in respect to the proceeds of sale, when required so to do by the provisions of the will or by order of a court of competent jurisdiction in that state. L.1951 (1st SS), c.344.

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