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Section: Termination of orders of disposition

Statute: 2A:4A-47

28. a. Any order of disposition entered in a case under this act shall terminate when the juvenile who is the subject of the order attains the age of 18, or three years from the date of the order whichever is later unless such order involves incarceration or is sooner terminated by its terms or by order of the court. b. Any agency providing services pursuant to any court ordered disposition shall give prior notice to the court at least 30 days before terminating these services which notice shall include the date of intended termination. c. Upon termination of an order of disposition, maximum term, parole or community supervision the court shall enter an order requiring payment of any amounts owed by the juvenile or the parent or guardian of the juvenile pursuant to the court ordered disposition and shall file a copy of the order with the Clerk of the Superior Court who shall enter the following information upon the record of docketed judgments; (1) the name of the juvenile or the juvenile's parent or guardian as judgment debtor; (2) the amount of the assessment imposed pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1979, c.396 (C.2C:43-3.1) and the Victims of Crime Compensation Board as a judgment creditor in that amount; (3) the amount of any restitution ordered and the name of any person entitled to receive payment as judgment creditors in the amount and according to the priority set by the court; (4) the amount of any fine and the governmental entity entitled to receive payment pursuant to section 3 of P.L.1979, c.396 (C.2C:46-4.) (5) the amount of the mandatory Drug Enforcement and Demand Reduction penalty imposed; (6) the amount of the forensic laboratory fee imposed; and (7) the date of the order. Where there is more than one judgment creditor the creditors shall be given priority consistent with the provisions of section 13 of P.L.1991, c.329 (C.2C:46-4.1). These entries shall have the same force as a civil judgment docketed in the Superior Court. L.1982,c.77,s.28; amended 1995,c.281,s.1.

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