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Section: Failure to include affirmative action program; nullity of contract; violations; fine

Statute: 2A:4A-35

A juvenile charged with delinquency may be released at either the police or court level on his own recognizance if all of the following circumstances have been met: a. The nature of the offense charged is not such that a danger to the community would exist if the juvenile were released; b. There is no parent, guardian or other appropriate adult custodian to whom the juvenile could be released and all reasonable measures have been exhausted by either police or court personnel to locate and contact any such person; c. The juvenile is at least 14 years of age; d. The identity and address of the juvenile are verified through a positive form of identification; and e. Reasonable certainty exists on the part of the releasing authority that upon release, the juvenile will return to school or home safely and will appear at his hearing. L.1982, c. 77, s. 16, eff. Dec. 31, 1983.

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