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Section: "Court Appointed Special Advocate" (CASA) program.

Statute: 2A:15-92

In any action involving real or personal property subject to the control of this state, or any interest therein, in which service of process is required to be made upon any person who is or is believed to be, in a designated enemy country or enemy-occupied territory, in addition to the service of process upon such person otherwise required, a copy of such process shall be sent by registered mail to the attorney general of the United States in care of the office of alien property, department of justice, Washington, District of Columbia. If the person upon whom process is required to be served shall not appear or answer within the time limited or granted, the court shall appoint a guardian ad litem for him, who shall appear and who may defend the action, and the action may proceed in all respects as if such person had been duly served in this state with process. The court may appoint the attorney general of the United States as such guardian ad litem. For the purposes of this section: (a) "designated enemy country" means any foreign country with which the United States of America was on March 25, 1943 at war and any other country with which the United States shall be at war thereafter during the course of the hostilities existing on March 25, 1943; (b) "enemy-occupied territory" shall be taken to mean any place under the control of any designated enemy country or any place with which, by reason of the existence of a state of war during such hostilities, the United States of America does not maintain postal communication. This and the next sections are declared to be remedial and emergency legislation, and shall remain in force only so long as a state of war shall exist between the United States and any designated enemy country. They shall be liberally construed and administered. L.1951 (1st SS), c.344.

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