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Section: Distribution of State share

Statute: 27:7-44.3

Whenever it shall appear to the State Highway Commissioner that construction of a State highway, the acquisition of lands for which has been previously authorized by him, will be impeded by reason of the presence of a structure or structures on the lands authorized to be required for such highway, he shall have power to acquire, by gift, purchase or condemnation, additional unimproved lands for the purpose of providing sites upon which may be relocated such structure or any or all of such structures which are removable from the lands authorized to be acquired for such highway and which, after relocation, will be suitable for the purpose for which they were used prior to such relocation; provided, however, that before the commissioner shall order the acquisition of any such additional unimproved lands he shall ascertain the quantum thereof requisite for the relocation of such structure or structures, and shall obtain an agreement in writing from the owner of such structure or structures at a stipulated rental for the structure or structures, or a portion or portions thereof, to be relocated on such additional lands. L.1950, c. 250, p. 863, s. 1.

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