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Section: Health service corporation, benefits for health promotion

Statute: 27:7-35.6

Any person, after being notified of his classification, being dissatisfied therewith or with the classification of another person or persons, may request in writing a hearing before the prequalification committee, and may present such further evidence with respect to his financial ability, plant and equipment or prior experience, or that of the other person or persons, as might tend to justify a different classification. Where the request for a hearing is related to the classification of another person, the applicant for the hearing shall notify such other person, by registered mail, of the time and place of hearing and at the hearing shall present to the committee satisfactory evidence that such notice was given before any matters pertaining to the classification of such other person shall be taken up. After the hearing, the committee may change or affirm the classification or classifications, the subject of the hearing. L.1966, c. 185, s. 6.

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