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Section: Grant of riparian lands for public park, place, street or highway

Statute: 26:3-33

Local boards of health may within their respective jurisdictions: a. Secure the sanitary condition of every building, public or private. b. Compel, prescribe, regulate and control the plumbing, ventilation and drainage of every building, public or private, and the connection thereof with an outside sewer, cesspool or other receptacle; c. Require plans of such plumbing, ventilation or drainage, with necessary drawings or descriptions, to be submitted to it for its inspection and approval, and may charge a fee not exceeding two dollars ($2.00), to be paid by the owner or other person filing the plans at the time of filing; and d. Require every master and foreman plumber and every building contractor to register his name and address at the office of the board. Amended by L.1949, c. 94, p. 412, s. 1.

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