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Section: Inclusive references

Statute: 26:2H-8

8. No certificate of need shall be issued unless the action proposed in the application for such certificate is necessary to provide required health care in the area to be served, can be economically accomplished and maintained, will not have an adverse economic or financial impact on the delivery of health care services in the region or Statewide, and will contribute to the orderly development of adequate and effective health care services. In making such determinations there shall be taken into consideration (a) the availability of facilities or services which may serve as alternatives or substitutes, (b) the need for special equipment and services in the area, (c) the possible economies and improvement in services to be anticipated from the operation of joint central services, (d) the adequacy of financial resources and sources of present and future revenues, (e) the availability of sufficient manpower in the several professional disciplines, and (f) such other factors as may be established by regulation. The State Health Plan may also be considered in determining whether to approve a certificate of need application. In the case of an application by a health care facility established or operated by any recognized religious body or denomination the needs of the members of such religious body or denomination for care and treatment in accordance with their religious or ethical convictions may be considered to be a public need. L.1971,c.136,s.8; amended 1971,c.138; 1991,c.187,s.31; 1992,c.31,s.2.

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