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Section: Fingerprint records; photographs of juveniles

Statute: 26:2H-61

9. a. If it has been determined that the patient lacks decision making capacity, a health care representative shall have authority to make health care decisions on behalf of the patient. The health care representative shall act in good faith and within the bounds of the authority granted by the advance directive and by this act. b. If a different individual has been appointed as the patient's legal guardian, the health care representative shall retain legal authority to make health care decisions on the patient's behalf, unless the terms of the legal guardian's court appointment or other court decree provide otherwise. c. The conferral of legal authority on the health care representative shall not be construed to impose liability upon the health care representative for any portion of the patient's health care costs. d. An individual designated as a health care representative or as an alternate health care representative may decline to serve in that capacity. e. The health care representative shall exercise the patient's right to be informed of the patient's medical condition, prognosis and treatment options, and to give informed consent to, or refusal of, health care. f. In the exercise of these rights and responsibilities, the health care representative shall seek to make the health care decision the patient would have made had he possessed decision making capacity under the circumstances, or, when the patient's wishes cannot adequately be determined, shall make a health care decision in the best interests of the patient. L.1991,c.201,s.9

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