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Section: References to titles, subtitles, chapters, articles and sections

Statute: 23:9-7

No person shall fish for bait fish in the Delaware river above or below Trenton falls except with such devices as shall be prescribed in the State Fish and Game Code, or if none are so prescribed then except with the following devices, to wit: Rods and lines and hand lines with not more than 3 hooks attached; a minnow seine not more than 100 feet in length; a dip net not more than 5 feet square; a minnow trap, the opening of which shall not be more than 1 1/4 inches in diameter; a scoop net with a single handle and with a diameter of not more than 2 feet. Any person who uses any other device, method or means for catching bait fish, other than those specified in said code or in this section shall be subject to a fine of $20.00. Amended by L.1955, c. 99, p. 550, s. 2.

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