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Section: Inclusive references

Statute: 23:4-8

No person shall hunt for, pursue, capture, kill, possess, injure or destroy any female English or ring-necked pheasant under a penalty of $20.00 for each female pheasant hunted for, pursued, captured, killed, possessed, injured or destroyed. This section shall not apply to a licensee operating under the terms of sections 23:3-28 to 23:3-39 of this Title, or to any other person or persons authorized by said licensee to shoot female pheasants on the lands described in such license. Amended by L.1939, c. 120, p. 429, s. 1; L.1944, c. 78, p. 154, s. 1; L.1955, c. 34, p. 89, s. 1, eff. May 27, 1955.

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