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Section: Inclusive references

Statute: 19:58-8

An application for a Presidential ballot to be made by a removed resident shall be in substantially the following form: APPLICATION FOR PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT-- REMOVED RESIDENT I, the undersigned, do hereby apply for a Presidential ballot to be voted at the election to be held on and do hereby certify that: (date of election) 1. I am a citizen of the United States; 2. I was born on ; (date of birth) 3. I reside at (street and number or R.D. route) in in county in the (name of city or municipality) (name of county) State of and I have resided (name of state or, territory, commonwealth, or District of Columbia) at this address since my removal from my former address in New Jersey and expect to continue to reside there until and on the date of said election; 4. I formerly resided and was registered as a voter at (street and number or R.D. route) in in county in New (name of city or municipality) (name of county) Jersey and I continued to reside there until my removal to my present address; 5. I am unable to vote in said election at any place other than that of my former residence in New Jersey, where I believe that I am eligible to vote for electors for President and Vice-President of the United States by a Presidential ballot. Applicant (signature) Applicant (print name here) L.1964, c. 134, s. 8. Amended by L.1972, c. 30, s. 3, eff. May 25, 1972; L.1976, c. 24, s. 7, eff. May 7, 1976.

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