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Section: Statutes containing references to proceedings under former prerogative writs

Statute: 19:58-23

23. The county board of elections shall, promptly after receiving each Presidential ballot, remove the inner envelope, containing the ballot, from the outer envelope and shall compare the signature and the information contained on the flap of the inner envelope with the signature and information contained in the application for the ballot together with the affidavit of residence, if any, accompanying the same. The county board shall reject any such ballot unless the board is satisfied as a result of such comparison and any other source of information available that the voter is legally entitled to vote such a ballot and that the ballot conforms with the requirements of this act. Disputes as to the qualifications of voters to vote Presidential ballots or as to whether or not or how such Presidential ballots shall be counted in such election shall be referred to the Superior Court of the county for determination. After such investigation the county board of elections shall detach or separate the certificate from the inner envelope containing the Presidential ballots, unless it has been rejected by it or by the Superior Court, marking the envelope so as to identify the election district in which the ballot contained therein is to be voted as indicated by the voter's present or former address in this State on the certificate attached to or accompanying said inner envelope. L.1964,c.134,s.23; amended 1991,c.91,s.262.

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