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Section: Existing boards, commissions and public bodies continued

Statute: 19:58-13

Upon receipt of any application for a Presidential ballot, the county clerk shall make an examination, from any available information, to determine whether or not such applicant is qualified to vote a Presidential ballot as applied for and in the case of an application by a removed resident, he shall, with the co-operation of the commissioner of registration of the county, cause the signature of the applicant appearing upon the application to be compared with the signature of said person appearing upon his permanent registration forms. If, after such examination, the county clerk is satisfied that the applicant is entitled to such a Presidential ballot, he shall mark on the application "Approved," but otherwise he shall mark on the application "Disapproved" and shall so notify the applicant stating the reason therefor but no application for a Presidential ballot shall be disapproved because the name of the applicant is not printed thereon, if the signature is legible. The commissioner of registration and the superintendent of elections in counties having superintendents of elections may investigate any application for any Presidential ballot. L.1964, c. 134, s. 13.

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