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Section: Incarceration -- aggravating and mitigating factors.

Statute: 18A:13-44

The secretary of the regional district and of each local district, which is included in the proposal to enlarge the regional district, shall certify to the county superintendent of the county in which such district is situate, within five days after such election, the result of the election in his district showing the number of votes cast for, and the number cast against, the adoption of such proposal and such county superintendent or county superintendents shall canvass the vote and if he or they shall determine from such certificates that such proposal was adopted in the regional school district and in each proposed constituent district, he or they shall notify the board of education of the regional district and of each proposed constituent district, and the commissioner, accordingly and the enlargement of the regional district, by the admission thereto of the proposed constituent district or districts, and any other provisions included in such proposal in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall become effective on the twentieth day following the day of said election. L.1967, c.271.

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