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Section: Persons entitled to bring enforcement actions

Statute: 18A:13-38

The county superintendent or county superintendents appointing the first board of education of a regional district shall allocate the initial elective terms for the first elective members of said board in the following manner: (1) In regional districts having nine members, three members shall be elected for three years, three for two years and three for one year, which terms shall be allocated to the constituent districts to the extent of apportioned membership on the regional board of education, starting with the allocation of the terms of three years, by allocating one of such terms to each of the constituent districts in the alphabetical order of the names of such districts, and continuing then still in such order with allocation of the terms of two years and with allocation of the terms of one year. (2) In regional districts in which there are more than nine constituent school districts, the allocation for the tenth district shall be a term of three years, for the eleventh district a term of two years, and for the twelfth district a term of one year, with continuation of such rotation until provision has been made for allocation of the terms to all districts. In any regional district in which the constituent districts have been or will be dissolved, said allocation shall be made among the municipalities included within the regional district in the manner hereinbefore provided for allocation among the constituent districts. The county superintendent or county superintendents shall notify the board, when it shall have been organized, of the allocation of initial elective terms for its members as so made. L.1967, c.271.

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