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Section: Taking into custody

Statute: 18A:13-31

Whenever at an election held to create or enlarge a regional district and at that or a subsequent election a resolution for the purchase of real or personal property or both from one or more of the constituent districts of such regional district and the issuance of bonds of the newly created or enlarged regional district shall be legally adopted and approved by referendum as part of the proposal to create or enlarge such regional district, the board or boards of education of said constituent district or districts shall have power to sell and convey said property if it is no longer useful to such district at the price and on the terms designated in the resolution, and the board of education of the regional district as created or enlarged, when organized, shall have power to purchase the same accordingly at private sale, and to issue and sell such bonds with such maturities, and in such manner as is prescribed by law. L.1967, c.271.

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