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Section: Statutes containing references to proceedings under former prerogative writs

Statute: 18A:13-23

18A:13-23. The annual or special appropriations for regional districts, including the amounts to be raised for interest upon, and the redemption of, bonds payable by the district, shall be apportioned among the municipalities included within the regional district, as may be approved by the voters of each municipality at the annual school election or a special school election, upon the basis of: a. the portion of each municipality's equalized valuation allocated to the regional district, calculated as described in the definition of equalized valuation in section 3 of P.L.2007, c.260 (C.18A:7F-45); b. the proportional number of pupils enrolled from each municipality on the 15th day of October of the prebudget year in the same manner as would apply if each municipality comprised separate constituent school districts; or c. any combination of apportionment based upon equalized valuations pursuant to subsection a. of this section or pupil enrollments pursuant to subsection b. of this section. Amended 1975, c.212, s.29; 1990, c.52, s.37; 1993, c.67, s.1; 1996, c.138, s.50; 2007, c.260, s.50.

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