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Section: Severability

Statute: 17B:27A-4.6

3. The New Jersey Individual Health Coverage Program Board, in consultation with the New Jersey Small Employer Health Benefits Program Board, shall evaluate the effectiveness of this act in providing affordable health care coverage and whether the health benefits plan established in this act or a similar plan should be made available to small employers. The boards shall report to the Legislature and Governor two years after the effective date of this act on their evaluation of the health benefits plan established in this act and shall include in their report the number of policies or contracts sold, the premiums charged and the effect, if any, that the health benefits plan has had on the five standard health benefits plans offered to individuals in the State. The report shall also include the boards' recommendations with respect to expanding the number of, or making modifications to, the standard health benefits plans currently offered to small employers to include the health benefits plan established pursuant to this act or a similar plan. L.2001,c.368,s.3.

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