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Section: Statutes containing references to rules

Statute: 17B:27A-26

10. a. No health maintenance organization shall be required to offer coverage or accept applications pursuant to section 3 of this act to a small employer if the small employer does not have eligible individuals who live, work, or reside in the service area for such plan, or if the health maintenance organization reasonably anticipates and demonstrates to the satisfaction of the commissioner that it will not have the capacity in its network of providers within the service area to deliver service adequately to the members of such groups because of its obligations to existing group contract holders and enrollees. Upon denying health insurance coverage in any service area as a result of insufficient network capacity in accordance with this subsection, the health maintenance organization shall not offer coverage in the small employer market within such service area for a period of at least 180 days after the date the coverage is denied. b. No small employer carrier shall be required to offer coverage or accept applications pursuant to this act for any period of time in which the commissioner determines that the requiring of the issuing of policies or contracts pursuant to this act would place the carrier in a financially impaired position. c. A health maintenance organization which complies with the basic health benefits, underwriting and rating standards established by the federal government pursuant to subchapter XI of Pub.L.93-222 (42.U.S.C. s.300e et seq.), and which also provides the comprehensive health benefit plans coverage required by subsection f. of section 3 of P.L.1992, c.162 (C.17B:27A-19), shall be deemed in compliance with this act. L.1992,c.162,s.10; amended 1993, c.162, s.11; 1997, c.146, s.12.

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