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Section: Taking annual amount on accounts of corpus commissions: two or more fiduciaries

Statute: 17B:27A-25.1

1. The Legislature finds and declares that: a. Small employers, that is, employers that employ between two and 50 employees, have traditionally been at an economic disadvantage with respect to the purchase and provision of health benefits for their employees because certain administrative and premium rate savings that are available to larger employers are not available to them by virtue of their size; b. Providing for the establishment of purchasing alliances comprised of groups of small employers would enable small employers to take advantage of the economies of scale in the delivery of health benefits currently available to large employer groups; and c. Working within the framework of the Small Employer Health Benefits Program established by P.L.1992, c.162 (C.17B:27A-17 et seq.), small employer purchasing alliances, with the voluntary participation of insurance carriers, would have access to the standard health benefits plans developed under that law at a reduced premium, along with the protections afforded under that law, including: guaranteed access to health benefits coverage for their employees; guaranteed renewability of health plans regardless of the health status of employees or their dependents; and prohibitions against the use of certain rating factors such as health status, prior claims history or occupation. L.2001,c.225,s.1.

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