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Section: Statutes which became effective before September 15, 1948 relating to courts or officers existing prior thereto; effect to be given to

Statute: 17:35-22

Every corporation or association authorized to do business in this state under this article shall designate some place within the state as the principal office therein of the corporation, and a person residing in the municipality where the office is located as a person upon whom service of legal process and papers may be made as upon the corporation. The designation shall be made by an instrument under the hand of the president and secretary or other duly authorized officers of the corporation, and be filed with the commissioner. If the person so designated dies or removes from such place another person shall be appointed in his place within thirty days. The attorney or the location of the principal office may be changed by the corporation at any time. Notice of the change or of a new designation of a person upon whom service may be made as herein provided, under the hand of the president and secretary or other officer, shall be filed with the commissioner within thirty days after the change or new designation is made. Upon failure to comply with any provision of this section within thirty days after written notice by the commissioner so to do, the corporation shall cease to do business in this state until its compliance.

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