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Section: Words and phrases defined

Statute: 17:23B-2

2. a. Every insurer authorized to do business in this State shall annually, on or before March 1 of each year, file with the NAIC a copy of its annual statement of financial condition, along with such additional filings, as prescribed by the commissioner pursuant to law for the preceding year. The information filed with the NAIC shall be in the same form and detail as that required by the commissioner and shall include the signed jurat page and the actuarial certification. Any amendments and addendums to the annual statement of financial condition and any other financial information subsequently filed with the commissioner, including, but not limited to, quarterly financial statements, shall also be filed with the NAIC at the time this information is filed with the commissioner. b. Foreign insurers that are domiciled in a state which has a law substantially similar to subsection a. of this section shall be deemed in compliance with this section. c. The commissioner may require other entities which are required to file financial information with the commissioner to file such information with the NAIC. L.1993,c.238,s.2.

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