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Section: Powers of consolidated corporation

Statute: 16:1-43.9

The consolidated corporation shall have and may exercise all powers conferred by the respective certificates of incorporation or charters of the constituent corporations, by Title 14 (Corporations, General), and by Title 16 (Corporations and Associations, Religious), and, in particular, the powers conferred by article five of chapter one of Title 16, of the Revised Statutes, so far as the same are not inconsistent with this act, are necessary or convenient to the furtherance of its objects, and are in accordance with the doctrine, government, discipline and usages of the church or religious denomination to the jurisdiction of which the constituent corporations were subject. It shall have, among other powers, the power to invest, change the investments of and reinvest its endowment and funds in such investments, whether or not prescribed by statute, and in such manner, as it shall deem proper. L.1944, c. 143, p. 386, s. 9.

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