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Section: Copy of consolidation agreement to be evidence; records

Statute: 16:1-43.10

A copy of the consolidation agreement, certified by the Secretary of State, shall be evidence in all courts and for all purposes of the agreement and of the existence, property rights, charter rights, privileges, exemptions, immunities, powers, prerogatives, franchises, obligations, relations, debts, liabilities, trusts and duties of the consolidated corporation. Such a certified copy, although not otherwise acknowledged or proved, may be recorded in any county, in the office of the clerk of the county or in the office of the register of deeds in any county in which the office of register of deeds exists, in accordance with the provisions of Title 46 (Property) of the Revised Statutes, in any of the proper books for the record of deeds and assignments of mortgages, both of real and personal property. The record of such certified copy shall be as valid and effectual in law as if duly executed and acknowledged deeds to all the real estate and duly recorded assignments of all the mortgages owned of record by each of the constituent corporations, had been made, acknowledged and delivered by the constituent corporations to the consolidated corporation and duly recorded. L.1944, c. 143, p. 386, s. 10.

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